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msgaila_toyou: But she's a whole lot more than that! (Gorgeous Green Gaila)

That's MS. Gaila to you!

Love for a Special Green Starfleet Officer

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Name:That's MS. Gaila to you!
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Community description:Dreamwidth home for Gaila love!
All fan works and discussion about the Orion character Gaila from Star Trek (2009) are welcome!

* Please label all fic with a rating
* Please include clear warnings for explicit violence, rape, dub-con, and torture, as well as graphic depiction of slavery.
* Please place all fics over 100 words and all fanart behind a cut. Fake cuts to your own journal are welcome.
* Be nice, and have fun!

* [community profile] singularity - a fan fiction community dedicated to Star Trek (2009) and its universe

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awesome being green, gaila, gaila is not a slut!, gaila/anyone, gaila/everyone, gaila/kirk, gaila/mccoy, gaila/scotty, gaila/uhura, inter-cultural understanding, orion, orion syndicate, pheromones, sexual freedom, star trek, star trek aos, star trek reboot, stxi
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