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Ducks ([personal profile] theantijoss) wrote in [community profile] msgaila_toyou2009-08-11 11:50 am
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Hey! How about a Gaila Prompt-a-Palooza!

I see we have a whopping TWELVE members now! *G* That's not bad for DW, I suppose.

I would love to see people fill out the friending meme so we can get to know each other. Another great way to do that is a PROMPT-A-PALOOZA! Or... a prompt battle, or a comment fic-a-thon, or whatever you like to call it. We'll keep it loose, keep it simple -- post a prompt, anonymously or otherwise, fill a prompt if you like. Any length fic from 100 word drabbles on are welcome! Post and/or answer as many as you want, as many times as you want.

Make it funny, make it dark, just make it about Gaila! :D

Also: pimp far and wide -- anyone can play, not just community members!

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